CEU - The Company

CEU is a manufacturing company in the electrical and mechanical field delivering and installing its products both in Italy and abroad.

CEU was established thanks to the will of several successful firms, each one specializing in different types of systems. Their experience and professionalism were the starting point for CEU that could achieve its aim: to offer a complete and suitable solution to the different and various needs of an evolving market.

CEU has been growing for 10 years and working in an increasing number of fields, winning national and foreign orders and offering a big range of installations thus meeting and solving the different problems of its customers.

CEU offers a global and complete service, from the planning to the manufacturing and installation of personalised 'turnkey' solutions.

The high quality of human resources was the first successful ingredient achieving very high qualitative standards and reducing production time, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality laws (CEU is a certified company).

In these years CEU has provided its customers with products and services made and carried out using innovative technologies: the existing installations are the proof.

Starting with the executive project and detailed plans, its activities include:
  • Electrical Sector
    Installation and maintenance of civil and industrial plants and systems, transformer rooms, power and control electrical panels, PLC programs, MT HT substations, alarm and fire-proof systems, data transmission, closed-circuit television, telephone and signalling systems.

  • Mechanical Sector
    Heating, air conditioning, sanitary fixtures and fittings, refrigeration, ventilation and compressed air.